Our Staff

This is Rey!! He is our leader, interpreter, driver, teacher and he helps in any way he can. You name it Rey can do it!!!!

This is Rosa!! She is also one of our interpreters, she teaches English class twice a week and children’s church every Friday even while we are not there. She will help you with any needs.


This is Pablo!  He wears many hats! He watches over our property. He is the grill master and does an amazing job!! He is always jumping on his bike to go get anything we need. He repairs and takes care of everything. He helps make your stay at the Rancho’s a great one!


These are our cooks!! Ana, Johanna and Claudia.  They cook the best food you will put in your mouth in Nicaragua!!!!  They are so amazing and want to help make your stay a memorable one!!

image1 (1)

This is Lisa!!!  She helps keep everything clean for us and loves to serve you!! You will see her all day cleaning, sweeping and washing dishes. She will even wash a few of your clothes if you will give her a few dollars.

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This is Adoney!! He is one of our night guards. Not that we really need one, but just so you have no worries.