Why Nicaragua?

“For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the poor
shall not perish forever.” Psalm 9:18

“Come and help.” The answer to the question of “Why Nicaragua” is as simple as these three words spoken by Toney Jones and echoed by his beautiful wife Debbie. Come and help. We have great opportunity to serve others, to glorify God through our lives and friendships, everywhere we turn in this world. Opportunities to serve are truly limitless, and so we follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit in each effort. When Toney and Debbie invited us to come and help in Nicaragua, the Spirit prompted and we followed where He led. What a blessing this became for us and, we hope, for those new friends we made in Nicaragua.

We traveled to Padre Ramos, a fishing village on the northern Pacific coast of Nicaragua, in September 2010. Here we were blessed to serve others and to worship together in song, prayer, word, and deed throughout each day. Preparing meals for scores of people, playing games with children and adults, singing songs of praise, reading from the word of God, wondering at the natural beauty of His creation and the spiritual beauty of His children, crying at the plight of the destitute, we felt the rich blessings of the Lord as we worked, played, laughed, and lived with Toney, Debbie, and their Nicaraguan family in Padre Ramos and Chinandega.

Why Nicaragua? Because Toney and Debbie have established not just a drop-in mission–they have built a home. When you go help, you are part of a vibrant community in Padre Ramos, sharing in friendships and works developed over months and years. This is long-term investment in human relationships, friendships, and love. Why Nicaragua? Because the home in Nicaragua remains even after you return to your home. We can minister to others even from a distance where the means to do so has been built. Toney and Debbie have built the means. We pray to remain a part of that Nicaraguan home through continuing contributions, communications, and, most importantly, prayers, even when we are many miles apart.

Why Nicaragua? Because the Lordʼs grace showers abundantly throughout His creation, and this is evident in Nicaragua. His grace upon the natural world is seen in the magnificent beaches, the powerful storms, the lovely forests, the arching mountains, and the pounding surf. His grace upon mankind is seen in the families, the faces, and the affectionate relationships among the people of Nicaragua. Here you can find times to be still and to know that He is God.

Why Nicaragua? Because the needy and the poor are evident at every turn. They lack physical needs such as clean water and healthy sanitation. They hunger, thirst, and have few opportunities for improving their lives. They can generally read, but have few bibles and true worship opportunities with a church are limited. Why help in Nicaragua? Why not? Go where the Spirit leads.

– Ethan and Crystal Hildreth and Family,
September 2010