If your team would like to take a day and just have fun below are some great adventure trips to enjoy!!!

1.  Surf down the Volcano Cerro Negro:  You will travel about two hours to the city of Leon. After about an hour-long climb of moderate difficulty, you arrive at the top where you can board down the other side on a stand-up board (similar to a snowboard), or sit down like a sled, which is what most people do. You don’t really go as fast as you might think, as the boards get bogged in the volcanic gravel rather easily. But it’s great, dirty, adrenaline-pumping, unusual fun!!!
It’s $60.00 per person and that includes everything for the day. Transportation, your board and lunch in Leon. At least five people need to go to book this adventure.

2. Experience the mangroves of the Padre Ramos Nature Reserve on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Some of the teens of the community will paddle you in dug out wood canoes through the mangroves. Then you will hike up to the top a big plateau, and behold the beauty of Padre Ramos! This enormous estuary and nature preserve is very special because of the fish, birds, crabs, shrimp and sea turtles.
It’s $15.00 per person and is a great adventure to do as a team! You can also tip if you would like to!

3. Go fishing with Luis Gerardo Caceres Lindo. Luis will take you out fishing in the estuary for four to five hours. Some of the fish you can expect to catch are red snapper, mackerel, corvina, sea bass or other delicious catches of the day.
It’s $50.00 per person and at least five people need to go to book this fishing trip.

4. Go kayaking with Luis in the beautiful estuary in Padre Ramos.  He has three beautiful had made wood kayaks. Relax and take in the beauty!
It is $35.00 per person and if he has enough notice he can arrange for more to accommodate a larger group.