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TogetherWorks Nicaragua

A Christ-centered, faith-based, nonprofit organization making the love of Jesus more visible.

Mission Trip Frequently Asked Questions:

I. General

Q. Where is your camp located?

A. We are located approximately 3.5 hours from Managua on the Northwest tip

of Nicaragua (Pacific side.) Our camp is in located on the beach in the

remote village of Padre Ramos. As you travel in on the dirt road you will

pass through the fishing village of Jiquilillo and then the village of Los Zorros

before arriving at the camp.

Q. How many people do I have to have on my team to schedule a week

mission trip?

A. You will need at least 10 people to schedule a week with us…it can be your

church, school or family.

Q. How long is a mission trip?

A. 7 days. Our trips run Saturday to Saturday. Monday to Monday….etc.

Q. Will I be safe on a mission trip?

A. Yes. Your safety is our number one priority while you’re here. You will fly into

Managua, Nicaragua’s capital where you will spend the night at the Best

Western Hotel. The next morning we will all head to Padre Ramos by van(s).

It is a 3 1/2 hour ride to the camp and we will stop half way for a “stretch”

break at a local store where you may buy drinks/snacks and restrooms will be


Our camp location in Padre Ramos is very safe.

Q. What exactly will I be doing on a mission trip?

A. TogetherWorks Nicaragua’s focus is on building relationships. Our camp is

located right in the middle of the village which will afford you a variety of

opportunities to engage with the local villagers such as:

  • Visit the local school
  • Prepare/Serve Soup to feed the local children
  • Go by boat to a remote community to feed the children, play and share God’s love
  • Take a day trip to Chinandega to share God’s love with the families that live in the Dump and visit the Girls’ Orphanage depending on the month of your trip

Your group will also have the opportunity to teach, play or provide

additional activities you plan as a team such as:

  • Vacation Bible School
  • Providing Beans/Rice to each family
  • Sports Activities
  • Craft Activities
  • Visiting in the village

II. Cost

Q. How much does it cost to participate on a mission trip?

A. $500.00 –

Covers ground transportation, accommodations at the Camp, food, and

purified water.

$600.00 – $800.00 –

Airfare will vary depending on your departure city and dates of travel.

$100.00 –

Arrival and departure hotel rooms (double/triple 0ccupancy) in Managua.

Single rooms will cost more.

$100.00-$150.00 –

Miscellaneous Items: (soft drinks, bracelets, coffee, hammocks or other

souvenirs that our teens will be selling at “The Sunset Cafe” or for extra things

you may want to purchase in town.

Total trip cost: $1400.00-$1600.

III. Housing

Q. Where will I sleep?

A. We have two big Rancho’s (one for the girls and one for the guys.) The

sleeping areas are located upstairs , have bunk beds in them with fans

located by each bed. The temperature usually gets down in the 70’s at

night so you should be cool enough. Each person is responsible for

bringing their own bedding & towels.

The bathrooms and showers are downstairs.

Q. What will I eat each day?

A. Our Youth Ranch staff , where you will be staying, are wonderful cooks

and provide meals that we think you will find to be delicious. Whatever is

prepared, trust us when we say “It is out of this world!!!”

Breakfast consist of a buffet that includes some variety of fruit, bread, eggs

and sometimes we even get pancakes! If you would like instant oatmeal, grits

or breakfast bars we encourage you to bring those with you.

Lunch is light and usually consists of PB&J or grilled cheese sandwiches.

FYI, these are our favorites…yummy!!

Dinner is usually the largest meal of the day with menus of rice and beans

With either chicken or fish and some of the best fresh pica de gallo you have

Ever tasted! Tres tacos and spaghetti are also favorites.

We know everyone needs a nice hearty meal after a long work day and the

beach view, along with the beautiful sunset, provides a great way to relax and

reflect on the day.

IV. Packing Sheet

Q. What should I bring on my mission trip?

A. Please review the detailed packing sheet we have provided for you on

this website. Please note that it will be very hot so bring comfortable and

inexpensive clothes. You may choose to leave your clothing behind if you

would like. We will have it washed and then will give it away to those in need.

V. Trip Requirements:

Q. Do I need a passport to go on a mission trip?

A. YES. And make sure it doesn’t expire for 6 months until after your scheduled

trip (Government rules, not ours). You do not need a visa if you are an

American citizen.

If you do not have a passport, you can apply for one at a passport

center which are often located at local post offices or county

offices. Important: When booking your trip, make sure you put

your exact full name (as it appears on your passport) on your

airline reservation. Ticket name and passport name must match.

Q. Do I need any shots or prescriptions prior to leaving?

A. Shots are optional. You should be current on your Tetanus shot. Consult

your family doctor, county health center or the CDC for more information.

Q. What about if I take medications or have any health


A. Since Nicaragua has an extreme climate and is a developing country,

sometimes there are people with certain medical conditions that struggle

in this environment.

If you have any of the following medical conditions, or any questions, please

contact the leader of your team before you sign up for a trip or buy your

airline ticket:

Severe peanut allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, hemophilia,

heart problems, past history of heat strokes, if you have been

hospitalized within the past year, or any other conditions

about which you are concerned.

Sharing this information does not automatically mean you will be disqualified

from coming on a trip. It just allows the team you are traveling with to make

the best decision possible about how to keep you safe and healthy should

you join us in Nicaragua.

Q. If I am under 18 years of age, can I attend a trip without my


A. You will have to be 13 or older to come on a mission trip without your

parent and you will need a person who is at least 18 years old to act as your

Guardian” on the trip. This can be a youth minister, teacher, adult friend or

family member. Your parents should write a note stating that this person has

their permission to travel with you to Nicaragua.

Q. Do I have to speak Spanish to go on a mission trip?

A. No, don’t let this stop you. We have testimonies from hundreds of folks who

will tell you that working through some “Spanglish” and forcing yourself to

communicate “creatively” is a wonderful learning experience.

Q. Can young children go on a mission trip with their parents?

A. We have had several family mission trips scheduled here. We recommend

that children be at least 5 years old and have all recommended

immunizations before they come to Nicaragua.